We can supply finished parts obtained by bar, casting or pressing, coordinating both the handling of the raw materials (pressed/cast parts) and heat/surface treatments, but also possible special machinings (broaching, toothing, etc.).

Our manufacturing is possible thanks to:
- nc lathes,
- mid-sized CNC lathes,
- traditional and CNC grinding unit,
- cnc vertical turning unit for pole rotors.

We are particularly skilled in the manufacturing of:
- engine components made by hot-forged semi-finished parts,
- hydraulic components for engine oil pressure adjustment,
- components for large-sized shock absorbers,
- mechanical components with application of materials with low friction factor,
- pistons for shock absorbers,
- engine oil pressure adjustment valve units
- turned components obtained by hot electro-upset semi-finished parts,
- toothed flanges for hydraulic brake systems of earthmoving machinery.