Via Salassa 3, 10080
San Ponso (TO) Italy
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Our Company began operating in the engineering machining sector in 1986 and, through a natural and technological evolution, we reached the current structure identified by the name CODEX.

CODEX is a modern and dynamic company in line with the needs of an international market, where the global aspect of the service supplied, rather than the mere mechanical machining (which remains necessary), is increasingly getting more important.

Expertise in the machining area with a high technological content, quality monitoring in our manufacturing process, capacity and flexibility in handling complex manufacturing, allowed us to reach a quality standard which satisfies the most demanding customers.

CODEX has a 4.000 sm. covered area, over a total surface area of 12.000 sm. We currently have 50 employees with a high level of expertise, also thanks to modern tooling (NC lathes, vertical machining centres, grinding machines, etc.) and a quality infrastructure equipped with measurement instruments and computerized monitoring of our manufacturing.